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Hello. We would like to welcome you on board our website "VINTAGE BOOTS". We are a couple with a real "passion" for boots.I love to see a woman wearing boots. And my wife loves to wear them. A perfect and wonderful combination, let me assure you...! And because our strongest passion goes mainly to those fantastic pull-on boots that have been so much in fashion in the late 70's and 80's, we decided to try to create a site where we would love to share our "passion" with other boot-lovers. We love them knee-high, over-the-knee, thighhigh, high heeled or flats (riding style or even fashion western style). In a word: boots are our passion inded. We hope that you will enjoy our site that we decided to started today, December 13, perhaps because Vintage Boots are BACK again as fashion treasures. Look at all those girls and women wearing them now. We will take our camera out to the street and will post here as many boot photos as possible. Merry Christmas to all of you (boot-lovers or not). And we do look forwar to your visiting us again soon. 

Oh; just one last word: we apologize for our poor English. It is not our native language. However (and in spite of all mistakes that you will find all over here...) we hope that you will understand what we will try to write here about boots. Please feel free to contact us also in French, Spanish or Portuguese if you prefer.

Thank you very much.
Your boot-lover-friends


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13/12/2010 20:37
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